I’m a senior producer who creates multimedia series and features that explain complex topics and make them accessible to a broad audience. I’ve spent about a decade spearheading everything from mini-documentaries to social media shorts to augmented reality experiences. I have experience directing and overseeing videographers and other specialists in the field, studio, and edit room, as well as working hands-on as a producer, animator, and editor.

🎬 Work

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🤓 Experience

Since 2020, I’ve been working with a wide range of publications to develop features and video series.

I’ve pitched and created series for Scientific American, the UN Foundation, and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. I’ve made budgets, hired/collaborated with freelancers, and designed style and branding packages. I’ve also produced, filmed, and animated standalone pieces for a wide range of outlets.

I’ve also been supporting FiveThirtyEight’s video team, leading production on video features and series to help bring the blog’s data-oriented coverage to a wider audience.

From 2015-2020, I was a senior video journalist at Quartz. There, I developed and led production of science video series for Quartz membership, hiring and managing freelancers in NY and internationally while tracking analytics for series and working on promotion efforts. I also led some collaborations with the wider newsroom, such as an augmented reality project funded through a Google innovation grant.

🛠 Skills

Creative / editorial strategy

Team management

Multimedia production

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